Hear from our students

“I’d like to congratulate on another successful year’s lecture series especially given the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. I for one have truly appreciated the switch from physical to digital presentations as a means of continuing access to your wonderful lecturers. I know it cost you a lot of worry and headaches but it really has paid out in full!”
“Marie-Anne Mancio’s Print and Print-Making course was excellent. Give any topic to Marie Anne and she seems to be able to bring it to life! A subject as dry as printmaking must have been a challenge but as always she rose to the challenge. I feel it’s as though she was tasked with ‘Your mission should you accept it is to do a four part lecture series on Prints and Printmaking and make it interesting!’ She did just that! She has shown how enriched we all are as a result of innovations in print, etching, engraving and lithography. Her inclusion of videos was also ingenious. I really enjoyed the emphasis on British artists and their political, moral and social takes on life.”
“Thank you so much for enabling these lectures to happen on line. Not quite the same as being there but nevertheless still wonderful. I have enjoyed every minute of them and at least there is the consolation of being able to listen again and look at the images as many times as you like. It’s been lovely to have something so enjoyable to put in the structure of the week. To hear Nicole Mezey’s great expertise put across in such a clear and interesting fashion has been a real privilege and I have been able to join up my scattered bits of knowledge into a greatly expanded whole.”
“I have just completed Nicole’s online course on the Art of Venice. It was truly fascinating, extremely well put together and I really appreciated the linear style which has helped me arrange the artists and their styles into relevant time frames. She has aptly demonstrated and explained why and how Venice is a city like no other, and how even its artists couldn’t help but celebrate it in their epic works. I have always thought of it as a sort of female city and now I think I know why! Epic! A tour de force!”

“It is a measure of the quality of your contributors that they can develop a series of lectures about individual aspects of artistic endeavour: history, geography, society, politics, techniques, materials etc, etc without the end product ever feeling “padded”, forced or esoteric. Quite the opposite. The experience is invariably absorbing and enriching.”

“I do not think The Course could be improved. The organization, lecturers and venue are all first class”

“Interesting, challenging and well run”

“Sadly, I have just finished your last lecture on the Art of Venice. It is difficult to truly express how much I enjoyed being transported to the Venetian lagoon each week (especially while in isolation) and being enveloped in the art and magnificence of the Basilica, churches, the Scuole, the Palazzi, Fondaci, and the country side villas. What an incredible journey and time travel over 7 centuries! Again, your presentation was incredibly informative and an absolute joy to listen to, more a performance than a lecture. This series exceeded all my expectations and my expectations were fairly high after taking two or three of your other series”
“Please thank Marie Anne for her amazing series on the Cote D’Azur. It was like a ‘Through the Letterbox’ look at the lives and loves of some of the most well-known artists and writers of the 20th century. I feel as though she brought us into their homes as guests so we too could experience the highs and lows of the Belle Époque! I was amazed at how many stories there were to tell. The Cote D’Azur may be relatively contained in size but what a wealth of treasure she has inspired!”

“How do you do it? Just when I think the series just ended is the best yet, along comes another which is even better. This has been a marvellous mix of the aesthetic and informative and remains in the memory. Marie-Anne’s lightness of touch belies remarkable erudition – a delight to listen to. The idea of wearing the subject colour is fun and starts you thinking about the lecture long before it begins. Notes exemplary”

“A captivating study of the art world through the prism of colour. You have given me a new dimension to appreciating art”

“Absolutely fascinating approach, which I have never seen before”

“Erudite, articulate, thought-provoking. I would recommend THE COURSE without reservation”

“Fabulously insightful to the artists and their lives. Wonderfully articulated. Nicole gives Vasari a run for his money.”

“Thank you for making my week so much more interesting and fulfilling. I am SO enjoying the course and already look forward to next term”

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