The Course Card

Create your own study programme

If you prefer to plan your own study programme you can do so by purchasing a Course Card. The Course Card, which is paid for in advance, enables you to pick and choose any lecture (NOT a museum visit or walk), from any of our courses.

Simply buy your Course Card and then let us know which sessions you'd like to attend. From September 2019, The Course Card will cost £590.00 (for 10 sessions).
From September 2020, The Course Card will cost £630.00 (for 10 sessions).

Sessions bought through The Course Card may only be used within the academic year in which they are purchased i.e. any time from September to end of June.

“Lectures are a very high standard and fascinating asides - very informative”
Mt Sainte-Victoire Paul Cezanne 1888–90
Man in Cafe Juan Gris 1914 Pablo Picasso 1920