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Cities Of Light, Cities Of Darkness: Vienna And Paris Around 1900

Vienna and Paris are rarely brought into ‘conversation’ with each other. Yet the cross-currents between these two great cities around 1900 powered exciting, sometimes disturbing new visions in European art and thought which resonated throughout the twentieth century. We will examine the ways artists and other cultural figures – writers, musicians, and architects – shaped

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£66.00 – £550.00

Great Italian Dynastic Art Collectors: Their Palaces, Villas And Chapels

This series of illustrated lectures surveys the collecting cultures of Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Italy by focusing on the artistic production and consumption of five powerful Italian dynasties and their artists.  Some of the original more portable works have been dispersed to the art market over the centuries and we will study the subsequent provenance of

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The English Renaissance: England under the Tudors

In just 3 generations, the upstart Tudor clan not only produced some of the more dramatic personalities and legends of the monarchy but took the country from the Middle Ages into the great artistic “rebirth” of the Continent, from stained glass and manuscripts for Henry VII to Renaissance portraits for his son and grandchildren, from

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£73.00 – £488.00

The Spider’s Web

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners” Virginia Woolf All the writers in this short series draw inspiration and support from those closest to them. Where would Jane Austen have been without the support of her sister Cassandra, or Virginia Woolf without

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£73.00 – £244.00

Designs for Living

The ideal city or home has long been a preoccupation of thinkers, rulers, and architects. These lectures, mostly focused on western examples, range widely over time, and are loosely themed to discuss particular visions of models for dwelling, working and display. We will discuss both those which were built (or at least attempted) and schemes

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£73.00 – £305.00

Art and Music

Music is not only for the ears. Throughout the history of art, musicians have been represented at play. The concept of musical harmony has also pervaded architecture since its origins. And music also influenced the development of colour theory, proportion and abstraction in art - not to mention the exquisite designs of musical instruments. This

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Certain subjects exert a sustained fascination for the artist, others rise from nothing in response to a particular mood, a particular time – landscape, still-life, war…... Each week this course will examine a different theme and the changing way it has been perceived and presented through the ages, moving in to focus on a specific

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£73.00 – £366.00

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