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Iconic Interiors

This course will explore the design and decoration of some of the most influential and fascinating domestic interiors in Western culture, highlighting both mainstream movements as well as interesting idiosyncratic

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Landscapes in Art

From JMW Turner and John Constable, to Chinese Masterpieces, Japanese Prints,  Hokusai’s Mount Fuji, and Cézanne’s Mont Saint Victoire,  artists have strived to capture landscape in all its beauty and

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Music in Art & Art in Music

This series of study days will examine the relationship between music and painting during three contrasting eras: Dutch Baroque 1600-1700, English Classicism 1750-1810, and Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism 1800-1920.  The first

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Let There Be Light!

Light illuminates, it moulds, it defines our mood – and, in art, its effects are determined by the artist’s tools. From gold leaf to photography, oil paint to the Louvre

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Who Paid for The Renaissance?

Money may make the world go round, but it is also crucial to the development of the arts. The Renaissance across Europe was financed by Church, commerce and conquest, and

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The Glittering Prizes

A look at some great strivers of the late 18th and l9th centuries and their relationship with fame. Mary Robinson enjoys it; Fanny Mendelssohn hankers after it; Benjamin Robert Haydon

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Exploring the London House

Most of London’s housing stock now dates from no earlier than the beginning of the eighteenth century. The forms that its dwellings have taken since the time of the Great

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