Rembrandt To Mondrian: Masterpieces of Dutch Art

Based in the lovely, atmospheric city of The Hague, this tour will also visit both Amsterdam and Haarlem, three cities which capture the spirit of the country’s Golden Age in the 17th century. Prosperity bred extraordinary artists and distinctive themes, from landscape to quiet domesticity, and the country’s museums hold some of its greatest creations, including Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Hals’ Regentesses of the Almshouses. More recently, in a brief but brilliant career, Vincent van Gogh’s lack of commercial success meant that his works were not dispersed and form the core of the great museum dedicated to him, as well as the superb Kroller-Muller collection in Otterloo, and from the 20th century, we can examine the distinctive geometry and primary colours of Piet Mondrian.