The Rise and Struggle of Women in The Art World


30/09/2021 – 02/12/2021

Over the centuries numerous artists have disappeared for a number of reasons, usually because they were not fashionable. But some have not only vanished, they have been deliberately excised from the historical record. Their crime? They were women. But if we explore this rich seam, we can see that these artists not only flourished, but were commercially successful.

This series will focus on eight significant women with the aim of reviving their histories. They not only achieved remarkable careers, they did so while battling violence, ridicule, corruption and just being ignored. From the Renaissance through to the modern period, we will explore their fascinating lives, look at their works and the critical reception of these works.

We will also explore the society and context in which they worked, their motivation and inspiration and the demand which drove their careers when the world dismissed them. How they survived is only now being revealed.